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19 February 2015
Revisiting Multidimensional Poverty in UPPR Towns
Findings of the last Multi-dimensional Poverty Index (MPI) study show a further reduction in the poverty headcount of 12 UPPR town to 23.5 percent.
15 January 2015
UPPR is further extended until 31 August 2015
In late 2014, DFID, UNDP and the Government of Bangladesh have decided to further extend UPPR for five more months. Aside from continuing to work on the strengthening of community structures, the extension will allow the project to undertake additional analysis and evaluation of its experience that can be effectively disseminated and inform the national urban program.
29th September 2015
New Research Studies Available Online
UPPR has conducted various research studies on its key activities as well as on additional areas pertaining urban poverty reduction. Click on the image to view the recently published reports and studies
17 February 2015
Re-measuring Women's Empowerment in Urban Poor Settlements
In 2013 UPPR engaged women in the community to learn what empowerment meant to them and built upon this an empowerment index. The first women’s empowerment study took place in 2013. Building on the insights of this study, UPPR undertook a follow-up study in 2014. Find out what we found.
25 September 2014
Understanding the impact of our grants
The latest short-term outcome study of our small-enterprise development grants showed positive findings as almost 85 percent of the grantees were still operating their business at the time of conducting the survey. The findings showed that the majority of businesses operate in the informal sector and highlighted urban poor women’s lack of access to finance.